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Ice Spice Is Getting a Chia Pet

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Ch-ch-ch-chia! Ice Spice is getting her very own Chia Pet, the company announced in conjunction with Chicago lifestyle brand Living Product on Wednesday (Nov. 22).



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The “Munch” rapper’s terra cotta figurine features her signature orange Afro, where the chia sprouts will take one to two weeks to fully sprout from, her pink hoodie, and $100,000 diamond chain with the cartoon rendering of her face.

“Like my lyrics say, ‘I’m breakin’ records and I’m breakin’ news,’” she said in a statement obtained by Complex. “I’m not sure who stole whose look, but I’m into it and am very excited about this fun partnership. Chia Pet is an iconic brand with a dope jingle — so we have that in common.”

Pio Mio Studios even made an old-school commercial to go along with the Munchkin-approved product.

“My manager Tara is such a beast,” JB Brode, founder and owner of Living Product, told Complex. “She connected us to help design merch for Ice Spice. Ideating around that led us to this lightbulb moment like, ‘Damn, an Ice Spice Chia Pet would be crazy.’ It started as just an idea for a graphic, but we knew that the idea deserved its own moment. We pitched it to Spice’s team, who graciously let us pursue the official collaboration with Chia, and many months and negotiations later here we are. The commercial really brought it full circle for us. Our guys at Pio Mio Studios executed our vision perfectly and it tied everything together beautifully.”

Ice Spice’s Chia Pet costs $34.99 and is available to purchase on and Amazon, and it will be available on starting Friday.

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