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“Go and Take It”: FACEvsIT Unveils a Pioneering Music Video in the Heart of LA’s Hip Hop Revolution

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LOS ANGELES, CA – FACEvsIT, the dynamic Latino hip-hop artist from Los Angeles, is set to release his much-anticipated music video “Go and Take It” on August 11th, in collaboration with Merchan Media Productions and the visionary Beauty El Aye. This release promises to be a cultural milestone, encapsulating the essence of LA’s burgeoning hip-hop scene with a distinct Latino flair.


“Go and Take It,” a standout single from his acclaimed album “3FAC3S,” is more than just a song; it’s a visual and auditory manifesto. Directed by Jay 2 Six, the music video is expected to be a cinematic journey that complements FACEvsIT’s raw and powerful lyrics, offering an immersive experience into the artist’s soulful narrative.


FACEvsIT’s music is an authentic portrayal of his life experiences and the collective memory of the Latino community in hip-hop. His sound is a reflection of his upbringing, surrounded by the rhythms of salsa and the defiant verses of rap legends, all which resonate throughout “Go and Take It.”


The artist’s independent journey has been supported by his partnership with Merchan Media Productions, a relationship that underscores the importance of creative collaboration in the music industry. FACEvsIT’s dedication to his craft and his community is evident in his ambitious plans for the future, which include worldwide tours and initiatives to nurture new Latino hip-hop talent.


This music video is poised to be a defining moment in FACEvsIT’s career, showcasing his evolution as an artist and his unwavering commitment to his roots. The anticipation builds as fans and newcomers alike await the drop of what is sure to be a resonant addition to the landscape of Latino hip-hop.

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To stay updated on FACEvsIT’s latest releases and projects, subscribe to his YouTube channel at and follow his journey on Instagram @facevsit.

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