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The Rise of YNG Chasey: How Toronto’s Newest Voice is Hitting Hard with ‘KICKBACK’

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Up-and-coming Toronto rapper YNG Chasey is causing ripples of excitement with his latest single, “KICKBACK.” This song shows Chasey’s inspirational journey from being a college dropout to a committed full-time musical artist. His music is a skillful blend of catchy beats and inspirational lyrics. YNG Chasey has had quite a compelling career story, and his music has a unique sound. 


YNG Chasey, whose name is Leon Westwood, was born in Toronto, Canada. Now more recognized by his stage name, Chasey grew up in a closely-knit family. He has stated that throughout his childhood, he was primarily guided by his father. As the youngest of three siblings, Chasey encountered hurdles during his college years, navigating through challenges related to student funding. These obstacles led him to redirect his path, ultimately earning his red seal steamfitter license under U.A Local 46. However, the allure of music proved irresistible, emerging as the focal point of his transformative journey.


Chasey’s transformation from a steamfitter into a recording artist is evidence of his unwavering determination. He bravely experimented with a variety of styles, flitting between mellow and energetic deliveries and smooth and contagious hooks, all driven by his love for creating original flows and hooks. What makes Chasey unique goes beyond just his unique sound; it encompasses the unconventional route he took to find his niche in the fiercely competitive music industry.


The echoes of Chasey’s triumph reverberate through his previous release, “Don’t Test Me,” which made significant waves by securing a spot on Spotify’s prestigious “Mellow Bars” and “Out The Mud” playlists. With over a million Spotify streams, Chasey has demonstrated a profound ability to forge meaningful connections with audiences through his unique style and relatable lyrics.


KICKBACK,” Chasey’s latest single, serves as a sonic manifesto, encapsulating the essence of focus and enjoyment. It functions as a personal pep talk, accentuating themes of resilience and unwavering commitment to one’s goals. Set against the vibrant backdrop of westward travels and the camaraderie of road trips with friends, the track transcends its identity as a catchy club hit; it stands as a celebration of hard work and the joys that accompany the journey.

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YNG Chasey has set high standards for himself in the future. He hopes to increase both his number of fans and streaming activity over the next three months, and he has dreams of going on tour and opening for big names like Lil Skies. His long-term goals include becoming the star of his own European tour, accumulating 10 million streams, and developing a base of at least 100,000 devoted followers.

From a college dropout to a flourishing artist, YNG Chasey’s journey is a narrative steeped in perseverance, passion, and creativity. As he continues to carve his path in the music industry, “KICKBACK” stands as a testament to his ability to captivate and connect with listeners. Follow YNG Chasey’s inspiring journey on Instagram and Twitter, becoming part of the movement led by a self-made artist who defies the norms, pursuing his dreams with unwavering determination.

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