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What Led Incubus’ Mike Einziger & Wife Ann Marie Simpson-Einziger to Found Their Skincare Brand Mother Science

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Nearly seven years ago, Incubus guitarist Mike Einziger and his wife, Ann Marie Simpson-Einziger, a fellow musician, made a revolutionary discovery in the realm of skincare. The two, who share a love for science as well — Ann Marie majored in biology, later teaching physics and chemistry, while Mike is a Harvard graduate who has lectured at Stanford — uncovered a naturally occurring molecule found on the skin.


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Inspired by Ann Marie’s efforts to eradicate hyperpigmentation and patches of lighter skin she had found on herself, she and Mike came across a breakthrough antioxidant ingredient: malassezin. Malassezin is 10 times more powerful than Vitamin C — helping to set the Mother Science brand apart from competitors in the space.

Ann Marie and Mike stopped by Billboard News to discuss the revolutionary discovery and how they see it transforming the future of skincare, thanks to their products. Mother Science launched one year ago with the The Molecular Hero Serum and more recently added the Retinol Synergist to its lineup.

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The two joked about how throughout the process of developing these products and launching their brand, Mike would often wake Ann Marie up in the middle of the night with a new discovery or idea. They said that curiosity has always driven the both of them, whether that be in science or music — Mike co-founded Incubus, while Ann Marie is an accomplished violinist who has collaborated with Hans Zimmer on several scores, including Interstellar, The Little Prince and more.

Ahead, in addition to teasing his own “glow up” thanks to the Mother Science products, Mike is currently working with Incubus on the band’s forthcoming studio album.

Watch the full interview above to learn more and shop their products.

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