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Loka Manya Prawiro Presents the Deep Album ‘I Love You Evermore’

Loka Manya Prawiro Presents the Deep Album 'I Love You Evermore' Posted On
Posted By Gabriel Santos

Loka Manya Prawiro is that kind of entertainer who has journeyed through decades. Loka represents one of the artists who releases his new album, I Love You Evermore, into art; for the first time, an album full of life experience, deep emotions, and expressed through a mix of genres that are completely hard to tag as one single type.

Loka was born in 1961, and his life path was nothing but a pieced quilt of love and loss, resilience, and disaster. At the age of five, his passion for music caught fire, and at nine, he was self-taught in guitar and piano. That early start set the stage for being one of the most versatile and deep artists in the business, with a huge number of nominations and awards under his belt. Loka’s first significant move occurred in 1980 when he wrote and recorded two jazz tracks. However, his name burst in the charts in 1995 with his debut album, Back to the Old Days.

But I Love You Evermore is all about music; it tells the path of his life. This song, like others on the album, tells the path of personal trials and victories of Loka Manya Prawiro. This song, including many others, is about the wife of Loka and is considered a timeless classic. Deep sorrow overwhelmed his heart in 2018 when he lost his mother to cancer. Music became his fortress—his way of pulling through the darkness. He returned to the studio after 18 years, shaping his emotions into the form of a new collection of songs.

Passion and The Secrets of a Woman’s Heart are some of the most notable songs, describing his way of infusing soulful tunes with touching lyrics. These tracks, along with “Leonie” and “The Flower of My Heart,” show his ability to create compelling music that is felt deeply, while “A Song to Say Goodbye Mama” and “A Hole in My Heart” portray him as a poignant observer of the trauma of parting.

The album was so compelling because of both content and method. Loka Manya Prawiro doesn’t sound like a musician who makes music systematically; his work comes to life in spontaneity and emotion. Therefore, each of the songs in I Love You Evermore sounds as raw as his soul wants them to be. A rich tapestry of influences weaved with modern techniques in the digital domain makes this sound like an immersive experience that seems like directly talking to your soul. So is this album, with a pretty competent team of musicians adding their colors to the repertoire. Of course, the effort in sound on the album was multidimensional, with layer upon layer of sound inviting the listener to a world of calm and reflection.

Enjoy I Love You Evermore, on a heartfelt journey.

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