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Chief Moquiuix Makes The Most Peculiar Sounds Work Splendidly In His Single “Systemic Productz”

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Chief Moquiuix, an LA-based hip hop artist, blasted the beats and vocals in his single “Systemic Productz”. There is much ingenuity and freshness in Chief’s music and this song only proves it to be true. The unique sound, the energetic rapping, epic beats, and the most extraordinary clip add up to make an unforgettable song that is already loved by thousands of people.   

Guru of techno and hip hop music, Chief Moquiuix has been consistent in releasing hit after hit. His latest most prolific work includes an EP called “Parabolic” with its first single “Parabolic Apes”, also with an exceedingly unique sound and structure. Some of his other famous songs are “Irrational” with over 80K streams, “Buenos Diaz”, “Vagos”, and “Radicalism”, all equally fascinating tracks.

Chief is a singular artist who commands attention wherever he goes. With such distinct music and incredibly powerful songs, he stands out without even trying.

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