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Afrojack & Steve Aoki’s 2011 classic “No Beef” gets Royal Treatment with REMIXES Pt. 2

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The 11th anniversary celebration of Afrojack & Steve Aoki’s “No Beef” continues, lining up a second round of titanic talent to remix the iconic dance hit. Featuring the eminent talents of R3HAB, Timmy Trumpet, Gabry Ponte, and DLMT, the Remixes Part 2 roll out the red carpet for Afrojack & Steve Aoki’s 2011 release, infusing the timeless tune with a heaping dose of modern rave energy.

The Remixes Part 2 are led by Dutch house kingpin R3HAB, who ups the ante on the meaty original with sharp synth stabs and a revitalized rave agenda. Between breakthrough remixes from Rihanna, Drake, Taylor Swift, and Lady Gaga, to his duo of charting LPs, it’s clear that any tracklist featuring R3HAB is certified as quality. With his third album on deck, his remix of “No Beef” serves as a satiating taste of what’s to come.

Never one to miss a party is Australia’s Timmy Trumpet, who brings a fresh take to his always impressive sound with his remix of “No Beef.” A melting pot of acid techno and trance influences, Timmy’s remix shows a new rift to his ever-evolving sound. After his breakout release, “Freaks,” which has been spun over 500 million times, and his 2020 LP, Mad World, Timmy Trumpet has asserted himself as one of the frontmen of dance music today, with his latest remix of Afrojack & Steve Aoki’s “No Beef” explaining exactly why.

Also entering the fray is Italian superstar Gabry Ponte, who fights fire with fire by giving “No Beef” his signature in-your-face electro house treatment. The result, like nearly everything that Ponte touches, is a larger-than-life recipe for success–ready for everything from festivals to the playlists. A modern marauder of innovative beats, Gabry Ponte’s tracks like “Monster,” and the more recent “Thunder,” paint a picture of an artist who simply cannot miss.

Last but not least is DLMT, who leans on thick, bouncing kicks, laserlike synths, and a purring bassline for a club-ready fix. It’s a birthday in true EDM style, taking the music as wide and far as possible, providing the legendary “No Beef” with a new, inspired set of DJ weapons. Enjoy the party, and remember… ‘No Beef’!

“No Beef is an absolute classic track that Afrojack & I collaborated on 11 years ago. When we realized we were coming up on the anniversary of the release, we just had to bring the track back with a set of brand-new remixes including one I made myself. I’m so excited for you guys to hear these new takes on one of my old favorites.”

– Steve AokiAdvertisement. Scroll to continue reading.

“11 years later and the crowd always goes wild whenever I play No Beef! Steve and I had to celebrate the anniversary by giving it some fresh life with new remixes from some of our favorite artists. Hope you enjoy!”

   – Afrojack

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