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Henry Cavill on playing James Bond: “Everything’s always on the table”

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Henry Cavill has said that “time will tell” as to whether he will be taking over as the next James Bond in the franchise.

The Witcher actor has been entertaining rumours around playing 007 since it was announced that Daniel Craig would be stepping down from the role following this year’s No Time To Die.

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“If Barbara [Bond producer Barbara Broccoli] and Mike [co-producer Michael G. Wilson] were interested in that, I would absolutely jump at the opportunity,” he told GQ in 2020.

“At this stage, it’s all up in the air. We’ll see what happens. But yes, I would love to play Bond, it would be very, very exciting.”

Now, Cavill has said that “everything is always on the table” with regards to the casting rumours.

“I enjoy the large IP [intellectual property]. I enjoy a grand story. Especially when it’s popular,” he told The Sunday Times.

The Witcher season 2 premiere
Paul Bullion, Lauren Schmidt Hissrich, Freya Allan, Henry Cavill, Anya Chalotra and Joey Batey at ‘The Witcher’ season 2 premiere. CREDIT: Dave J Hogan/Getty Images

“Time will tell,” he added. “You don’t know which direction they want to take Bond in and so I like to say that everything’s always on the table.”

When asked if he saw any similarities between himself and the famous spy, Cavill said: “It depends. We could be talking about Daniel’s Bond, or whoever the next Bond is… They will probably be in their thirties or forties, or early forties.

“Maybe they’ll even go younger like they were considering with me when it was down to me and Daniel.”

Elsewhere, Cavill has said that he would “love to have a conversation” about being in the Mass Effect tv series.

In a new interview with GamesRadar, the actor spoke about whether he was open to the idea of him playing the main role of Commander Shepard in the rumoured Mass Effect series.

To this, Cavill said: “Very much so, yeah, all depending on how they’re executing it. The world of adaptation can be heavy or light. When I like a product, I prefer the adaptation to be less changed from the source, so it all depends.”

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