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'Fast & Furious 9' magnet plane stunt was the idea of director Justin Lin’s young son

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The idea for a stunt in the upcoming new Fast & Furious film was conceived by the young son of director Justin Lin.

Like all of the previous films in the car franchise, Fast & Furious 9 will feature an array of stunts. One in particular that has been catching the attention of many ahead of the film’s release involves what has been dubbed a ‘magnet plane’.

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Speaking in a new interview alongside Vin Diesel, director Lin revealed that the idea for the epic stunt actually came from his (at the time) eight or nine-year-old son Oqwe.

“We decided we were going to do magnets and everything [in Fast 9], and it was exciting – we were coming up with these set-pieces and stuff,” Lin told Empire. “We were in London for a week, and I had my son Oqwe with me, and the only way we could hang out was that he would come the meetings with me.”

Those meetings included lots of toy cars, and when the team was stumped by an action sequence, Oqwe came up with a two-word solution: magnet plane.

“We were talking about the ravine [set-piece] and I said, ‘Alright, so here’s Roman and Tej. Jakob needs to get to the other side – how does he get there?’ And Oqwe just picked it up and pitched the idea of the plane and everything,” Lin continued. “After us spending hundreds of hours on planning, I guess he was paying attention, and he understood the characters.”

Last month, Lin opened up about the future of Luke Hobbs and Deckard Shaw in the main series of the franchise.

Played by Dwayne Johnson and Jason Statham respectively, the two characters moved away from the central franchise two years ago for spin-off film Hobbs And Shaw. The film also featured Idris Elba as villain Brixton Lore.

Speaking to Deadline, Lin, who has directed five of the Fast and Furious films, was asked if the two characters would return for any of the franchises next instalments.

Lin said: “I never really considered them gone, you know?” He added: “To me, they’re still in this universe; they’re part of this family.”

Fast & Furious 9 is set to arrive in cinemas on July 8.

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