Zach Day’s Throw Away The Pin: A Journey Through Blues, Alt-Country, and Rock

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Posted By Nicholas Klein

Zach Day ‘s album Throw Away The Pin ties dirty threads of blues, alt-country, and rock into a rich tapestry of sound and storytelling. From Stevie Ray Vaughan to Waylon Jennings, Zach’s new work encompasses the spirit of his musical journey—from the heartlands of Indiana to the broader Americana scene. The title track, Throw Away The Pin, enters the personal struggle versus the expectations mostly unspoken yet heavily set within the greater structures of our society. Lines like “They held us under water, until we couldn’t breathe” and “You can hold on to your hand grenade and throw away the pin” paint a picture of a desire for liberation in a way that only its bluesy guitar riffs and introspective lyrics can feel.

Throw Away The Pin is but one of the highlights across this album of compelling stories and diverse musical styles. Tracks such as “Outlaw Girl” play to Zach’s storytelling acumen, full of color, of course; it’s the story of resilience and survival against the backdrop of haunting melodies. The story is also true of “Outlaw Girl,” where Zach lays it out: “A tail of toil and triumph, reflectin’ on past struggles with as in. You could have had it all back in ’85; now you’re fighting like hell, just tryin’ to survive.”

Zach grew up in Indiana, exposed to music early in life—his parents owned an all-age blues club, and he first showed what he could do there. Born and bred in the cornfields, the blues legends were musically surrounding him, and these factors would create his sound—a mix of blues that struck close to the soul, alt-country, and rock. And the journey of Zach Day didn’t stop there. With a veer on story-song tradition in country music, Zach Day took his music in directions all his own, weaving the stark honesty of country lyrics into his music. The music fans responded with that, and Zach got more attention, new fans, and critical acclaim.

Throw Away The Pin was his debut album and became the bar-setter for Zach in regard to looking into new musical avenues. Soulful melodies meet with trap-inspired beats, revealing but a fraction of the talent and vision for real storytelling that he has in him, and this is only the beginning. Tracks such as “Achieving” and “Dog House” stand out—the perfect example of his ability to frame a snapshot of people’s lives in a way that might just be universal to all listeners. Throw Away The Pin is but another step up in a thrilling series of steps that this young man fully takes—as thorough, personal, and hence universally recognizable and deserving. Picture Ryan Childers and Zach Bryan, but Day is a mix of blues, alt-country, and rock.

More than an album, Zach Day’s Throw Away The Pin finds its way through the heart and soul of America, allowing the listener to look throughout the trials and triumphs of everyday life. As each song on Throw Away The Pin unfolds, Zach Day once again brings his audience in on the solemn exploration of the human experience, cementing the record as a must-listen for fans of authentic, heartfelt music.

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