The Jesus and Mary Chain share new track ‘Girl 71’

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The Jesus and Mary Chain – ‘Girl 71’

Some artists never stop. But why should they? If they still have passion and enthusiasm to bring, things to say and new music to play, why should acts age out with their era? The Jesus and Mary Chain continue to make a point for sticking around as they unveil ‘Girl 71’.

Rocketing to success at a time when the UK was obsessed with bands, they were in the same class of acts as The Smiths, Orange Juice, Echo and the Bunnymen, and later Oasis, as they were supported by the same powerhouse industry figure, Alan McGee. But unlike their peers, The Jesus and Mary chain seem determined for their unique sound to survive, as it does on this latest effort.

After splitting in 1999, the group reunited in 2007. The break seemed like a necessary step back to reconfigure after the 1980s era that made them. By the time they returned, the group seemed to have a fresh energy that is still burning away as they have toured and released consistently since.

That could be a painful move if the music wasn’t still good. Sometimes artists can struggle to let it go and realise their time is done, but on this new single, the band remind us that their day is still very much today. Pairing optimistic indie riffs with grungier elements and the same angst that had the world hooked on the group way back when, ‘Girl 71’ proves they’ve still got it.

It’s the fourth single to be unveiled from their upcoming album, Glasgow Eyes, which is set for release on March 22nd. Singer Jim Reid revealed that perhaps the reason why they seem so enduring is because their process remains largely the same. For their upcoming eight album, just like all the rest, they “just hit the studio and see what happens.” Rather than pre-planning, they let the album take whatever shape it takes, allowing their alt-indie sound to evolve naturally over time rather than chasing particular sounds or trends. 

‘Girl 71’ is a further step, tracing that evolution. Across all the singles revealed so far, there are still distinctive elements of the band’s earlier and biggest singles. But each is fuelled by something fresh, stopping them from feeling like old parodies of themselves. This latest track especially is an indie rock fizzer that even leading, modern outfits would be proud of, proving The Jesus and Mary Chain can still compete with the best of them.

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