Chandler Announces Upcoming Single, Following “Nightlight”

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Promising new artist Chandler continues to break down barriers with the intimate and impactful track “Nightlight.” The “Miss Me and You Hate It” creator sheds light on important mental health issues and writes a song about a boy who falls for an unstable girl with suicidal tendencies.

Chandler, who suffers his own set of psychological struggles, writes “Nightlight” to get people out of the gutter and add light to the dark. The up-and-comer integrates his own personal experiences and tries to turn all the negativity into something positive.

Considering poetry as an “emotional outlet,” Chandler admits: “I found it to be an expressional canvas of words, merging into music just made the whole thing more beautifully complex.” 

In addition to being a talented singer-songwriter, Chandler also has the talent of a photographer. He has a unique eye that helps him take the perfect shots. The artist’s poetic spirit not only translates into his songs but also in the form of images. 

With “Nightlight” released, Chandler recently posted an announcement, reminding his social media followers that he has a new single on the way called “All Alone.” The artist shared a photo with the quote: “Every place you’ve ever imagined/ It’s real/ There is a fictional city in your mind and you know every corner of it/ Your mind is a world/ Each of us is a place.”

Listen to “Nightlight” on Spotify:

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