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Vanic & Fairlane Join Forces for ‘Earn It’ ft. Zack Gray

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Vanic returns to the release radar with ‘Earn It’, yet another groundbreaking masterpiece from the esteemed Vancouver-based talent. This time around, he’s enlisted the vocal talent of multifaceted Las Vegas-based singer/songwriter Zack Gray. His fourth sonic offering of 2021, it directly follows his February-released collaborative endeavor ‘Run’ with Aspen and Carmanah King, as well as his remixes of Skylar Grey’s ‘Fucking Crazy’ and Apashe’s ‘Behind My Eyes’ from earlier in the same month. Out now on the revered Vancouver-based Seeking Blue Records, ‘Earn It’ is available to listen to across all streaming platforms.

An atmospherically entrancing soundscape kicks off the three-and-a-half minute original production, quickly followed by Gray’s hushed, textured vocal. His commanding voice possesses a driving quality that effortlessly maintains the tune’s high energy sensibilities throughout its entirety. Nearly a minute in, a forcible bass drop ensues, leaving the listener in a heady sonic daze. The propulsive, hard-hitting flair serves as a prime accompaniment to the emotively contemplative vocal execution from Gray. In all, the tune is a high octane emotional rollercoaster of sound that will leave you wanting even more from Vanic, Fairlane, and Zack Gray.

“The lyrics in ‘Earn It’ are meant to depict the internal struggle experienced by a child who’s lost one of their parents to addiction. The phrase ‘it’s like you’ve forgotten what you loved’ really ties the story together, and gives the listener a brief look into the world of substance abuse and the effects that it can have on the loved ones around you. As it can be difficult to forgive someone (even along their path towards sobriety), we felt the line ‘just come back and earn it’ did an amazing job of weighing in on the importance of working towards forgiveness and trust, not just simply asking for it.” – Vanic

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