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The Best Electro Mix of 2020 So Far: Top 10 Releases

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2020 has been a trainwreck, we can all agree on that, but what keeps us alive and pushes us forward are those juicy and bouncy beats we can play out loud and get lost for a moment. 


The ever evolving and constantly developing electronic music has brought us a cheerful time while struggling with isolation caused by the coronapocalypse. 


Many artists took the lockdown as a theme for their releases, others composed uplifting tunes to empower their listeners, while others simply created bangers to blow-up your headphones.


Our team picked up the 10 top most unique new electronic drops in 2020 so far, that spice up the tunes with influences from other genres – from hip hop, to techno, and pop. They have it all!! 


1- ‘I Leave Again’ by Petit Biscuit 


Petit Biscuit’s signature sound of edm-ambient fusion is one of the best things that happened to electro in the past few years. The young star is experimenting with his sound, and delivers a variety of bangers, like his latest work that we just can’t get enough of. 



2- ‘Illusion’ by Armin van Buuren


We don’t need to explain who Armin van Buuren is, and probably we don’t have to explain why his new release is on this list. An absolute electro gold: 



3- ‘Baby’ by Four Tet 


Four Tet got us all with his album Sixteen Oceans that we were smashing on our Spotify when the lockdown started back in March. The ultimate highlight is a single ‘Baby’ that can snatch the title of Electro Track 2020. 



4- ‘Fly / Shine’ by President Of Pop 


Imagine a rap flow delivered on an electro-synth beat with autotune cover that encourages you to drop it all and follow your dreams? President of POP done it, and he’s here to cheer you up with one of the most musically complex tracks we have heard in a while: 



5- ‘Teenage Headache Dreams’ by Mura Masa


Mura Masa spent his isolation on recording a brand new album released this Summer. R.Y.C lists one song that we instantly fall in love with titled ‘Teenage Headache Dreams’ featuring Ellie Rowsell and Wolf Alice (what a combo!). The track has a vibe of a teenage hymns, indie vibe, and that beat you can’t forget. 



6- ‘Bodyintoshapes’ by Elliot Moss 


Hey, no-one said that doing ok is complementary to self-isolation! Album A Change in diet by Elliot Moss is the creeping whispers of self-doubt, we all went through recently. ‘Bodyintoshapes’ is an energizing, pulsing track you need to add to your cheer-me-up playlist: 



7- ‘Outer Sunset’ by Tycho


To dream or not to dream? ‘Outer Sunset’ will take you to a meditative chill place you need to calm down. With its  simulcast instrumental and vibe Tycho created the smoothest tune of 2020. 



8- ‘Fried for the Night’ by TOKiMONSTA 


Another example of outstanding rap-electro blend we cherish. Sir TOKiMONSTA teamed up with EARTHGANG and delivered a sonic experiment of genres fusions, quick flow, and unbelievable mood. Fried for that release. 



9- ‘Trust Nobody’ by DJ Snake 


The title of the artist with the heaviest and the most ominous music of 2020 goes to DJ Snake. His single ‘Trust Nobody’ is filled with brick hard beats, sirens, techno elements, rave vibe, all mixed so you can  dance all the problems away. 



10- ‘Ego Death’ by Skrillex, Kanye West, FKA twigs, Ty Dolla $ign 


As much as we would like to define the genre or describe ‘Ego Death,’ we can’t. It’s such a random compilation of sounds, artists, and influences; it’s insane. Kanye? Skrllex? FKA twigs? All on one track? Yes, and It’s fire. 


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