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StevenCharles Blends Pop, R&B & Soul In Uplifting Single “Stay” [Official Music Video]

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StevenCharles is releasing a new music video for his highly acclaimed debut single “Stay.” Creative, original, uplifting, and incredibly beautiful, this first single marks the beginning of an inspiring journey in music for StevenCharles. 

Radiant and soulful, this energetic release is visually as powerful as it is sonically, with StevenCharles’s passion for dance perfectly represented by the talented dancers who have enriched the visuals with grace. 

In “Stay,” StevenCharles tells the tale of a charming love story told through a young couple’s lense. 

His mission is to spread positivity and love, best explained by the artist himself: “I think what inspires me the most is knowing that all humans have the ability to bounce back from their darkest hours. Each day is an opportunity to be better than the last and it’s pretty inspiring to realize how the human race continues to push evolutional boundaries in social consciousness, awareness and empathy.”

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