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Ready to Rave About A New Brand Of Clothing? Then Check Out Neon Cake’s Latest Launch

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If you are a constant raver and love to go to EDM festivals, we understand your struggle with finding the right, most colorful and creative outfit for each event! However, you don’t need to look any further! Neon Cake is here to fulfill all of your concert outfit needs! 

Neon Cake founder, Michael D. Smith, an award-winning creative entrepreneur, and Forbes Council member has mastered the art of uniqueness. His clothing brand is all about neon colors, high-quality material, comfort, and individuality. You are given the option to change anything you like on any piece you decide to purchase and the process of it all is so simple! 

On their website, you can find #CutYourPiece video tutorials where it is easily shown how you can customize your choosings to fit your exact vision. 

Every time you cut your cake, you’re expressing who you are and you’re showing your support for the health and creativity of the community around you.”

Make sure you check out Neon Cake’s new website

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