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Gold Mozae Astounds with Club Ready, Deep Cut titled, “Overload”

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What is up dance music fans?! Today we can start your weekend off with a fantastic banger coming to you from up and coming artist Gold Mozae with their newest release, Overload.

Overload is a track that really gets the blood pumping, deep, slapping beats from perfectly produced percussion, solid sound designs with a bit of a modern twist, showcasing Gold Mozae’s production ability, and of course, club ready drops that are meant to move a dance floor.

This track really excels in a ton of different areas, but really blows the production piece out of the water. The highly underrated mix and master element of a track can make or break a track, but Gold Mozae really shows up when it comes to this. The stereo separation perfectly places each on of the kicks, snares, and deep bass stabs all in the right place. This is a perfect track to carry us into club season.

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