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Erol Alkan Puts New Twist on Confidence Man’s ‘Holiday’

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Having recently released the first single from their forthcoming sophomore LP TILT, Confidence Man enlists Erol Alkan and Bruise to remix their “Holiday.” Confidence Man is known for their feel-good dance-forward flair, and their enlisted remixers are no different.

Adding a bit of acid funk to their “Holiday” is rule breaker Erol Alkan. Well known for blending orthodox dance music with unorthodox taste, the Mixmag-celebrated DJ of the year puts a unique spin on Confidence Man’s lead single. Textural analog synths elevate the club infused rework to new heights, as Alkan flexes his hand at reinventing already exciting tunes. A master remixer through and through, Erol Alkan brings a wondrous new listening experience to listeners worldwide.

“I hadn’t spent much time in the studio over the last few years, I hardly had much drive to be creative during lockdown’s 18 or so months and looking back I can fully understand why,” explains Alkan on his creative process. “So it meant that I didn’t rework any artists music since 2018. When Jeff Barrett sent me ‘Holiday’, I couldn’t say ‘no’. It’s energy and sentiment were ingredients I wanted to work with, and I’ve always liked the band. I saw them turn the Scala upside down a few years back and I’ve been a fan since. I made the rework in a day, I knew exactly what I wanted to create within moments of exploring the multi-tracks. Those mixes which come fast are usually my favourites, and this one is definitely one of them.”

Stream Erol Alkan’s remix of “Holiday” where you find your music here, or check it out below on Spotify.

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