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What is going on dance music fans! We’re so happy to bring you a super-special up and coming artist going by the name of Tisna – hailing from our Pacific Island of Hawaii! We’re so happy to announce Tisna as our next Artist of the Week. Take a peek below at new music, a complete deep dive into Tisna, and of course how COVID is affecting producers and how they overcome the challenges to continue brining us the BEST in up and coming dance music!


Based in Honolulu, Hawaii, Tisna (they/them pronouns) is an enby musical artist of all types of music including house, future bass, dubstep, R&B, future pop, bass music, and other various electronic genres. Tisna’s style in music has evolved over the years, is still ever-evolving and can be described as multi-genre. The music’s elements create dissonant, dreamy, dark, dirty, and ambient vibes. Prior to 2017, they went by a different Alias. We Are Connected unofficially dropped in 2015 as an album and was repackaged in 2018 on all major music platforms as an EP under Tisna.

Since Tisna’s childhood there had been an inner fire and joy for music. It all began at the age of four, when the child began to pick up a toy keyboard given as a gift by parents and then graduated to practicing on a real piano a year later. As a kid, music had always been one of the things Tisna turned to as a refuge. At the age of 9, they were introduced to DAW (recording software) paired with a keyboard piano and started experimenting. Along with composing originals and making covers, recreating tunes from favorite Nintendo video games was something Tisna had a lot of fun with as a child. Thankfully, much of music theory and guitar had been learned at the time Tisna was 13. To sum it up, music production, songwriting and vocals have been a passion of Tisna’s since early adolescence.

Once a passionate artist in the electronic scene in 2013-2015, Tisna met some other dear friends in the music industry at the convention group for producers and DJs, Rave Rock Producer Forum. Their mission statement was to get electronic music on the map in Hawaii and show people can make it without having to move to the states. Tisna, along with close same goal sharing friends in music decided to take Audio Engineering in 2016 to further gain knowledge and close their gaps in education and experience. The most valued thing would have to be the relationships, bonds, experience, and journey in MELE.


After one year delay due to the pandemic and a number tracks added over the course of 2020, I am so stoked to announce I will be able to finally share my debut album to the world! The set release date is Friday February 5th on all major streaming platforms and is also now available to pre-save on Spotify. Originally, a live release party was supposed to have been hosted at Hawaiian Brian’s but since it looks like the COVID situation is not getting better, I have resorted to having a live IG stream party on Sunday February 7 instead since it would be in the best safety interests of fans and the public.

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