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Artist Spotlight: Conversation With Emerging Artist Turk Ny

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We have been loving your new singles. Can you share with us a few of the hurdles you may have had while recording your new tracks?

While recording these last singles, I was trying to find myself and my sound. Throughout  my career I’ve tried different sounds and seeing what works for me alone was a hurdle. There would be times I would catch a lot of writer’s block. I Stuck through it and spoke about how I felt at the time. I take my hurdles and make them into hits.

What’s the main message you’d like to convey to your audience through your songs?

The main message I like to convey in my songs are simply to avoid ALL negativity, remove fake and snake friends, do right by your family, and believe in yourself because everyone as a kid is brought upon going to school to be successful when their are so much more opportunities for creatives and artist like myself.

What is your most memorable moment as an artist?

My most memorable moment as an artist was dropping my project “Composure” and getting the feedback on it I would never have  thought I would. I was in a rough space while making that project.

How would you define your style/genre?

I like to say I’m a melodic rapper who also throws in rap without melody as well. HipHop and Rap artist I would say.

What is your favorite song right now?

My favorite song right now is “Meddling” by myself.

Are there any near future releases planned?

Yes I have a project actually releasing in 2 weeks from now, on September 3rd, the day of my birthday. Tune in for that release because I have a lot of special songs on there.

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