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Adam Pearce and Aleesia Team Up For Powerfully Messaged Record, titled, Dreamers

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Adam Pearce and Aleesia have teamed up to bring us their newest single, and we absolutely love it! Delivering a dreamy piece that is more art than mere song, ‘Dreamers’ is an anthem for the free spirited.

Standing as a tribute to risk takers, believers and freedom fighters alike, ‘Dreamers’ offers a message of hope and solidarity. It speaks of those that are afraid of taking leaps of faith, and yet still make the jump. Those that yearn for more, and fight for it.

This empowering message is accompanied by a musical track that pushes this song to the next level. Pearce’s atmospheric sound production combined with Aleesia’s fervent vocals have the power to move any listener. ‘Dreamers’ provides not only an uplifting message, but a unique and otherworldly listening experience also.

With such a moving track, we cannot help but want for more! We are excited to see what will come next from Adam Pearce and Aleesia!

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