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8OhAce Gives Us Some Nostalgia With Skrillex Classic Remix

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Hey dance music fans! Bassheads, I’m looking at you for this newest release. Today we are releasing a new track by up and coming artist, 8OhAce, and it is an absolute glorious dose of nostalgia for all of us old-heads. Back in the day we were breaking our necks to the new sound Skrillex brought to the forefront of dance music and its carried us over to where we are now.

8OhAce decided to take stab at such a monstrous track and did not disappoint. The track features all of the lovely lyrics we are accustomed to, while adding a new element of modern bass music.

8OhAce uses some spectacular sound designs, totally fit for a laser show and main stage at the local bass festival, while giving us a near perfect overall mix and master. The track delves us deep into the memory bank of Skrillex at our favorite club or festival. The tracks highlights are really found in the breakdowns. The drops are as close to perfect as you can get, but, we love the rest periods, especially in remixes as that is where the artist can take creative freedom and show us all where their head was at.

The creative process must have been wonderful for 8OhAce to create this track and we’re so happy we get to share with you!

8OhAce has an album dropping this Fall along with a Debut show in North Carolina Nov 12th.

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