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Skylar Astin confirms Christmas-themed 'Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist' film

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Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist star Skylar Astin has confirmed a forthcoming Christmas-themed spin-off movie.

Following the comedy series’ cancellation back in June, Astin – who played Max in the show – recently told NME about plans on Roku to revive the story for a two-hour film.

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“Oh, we’re doing it – I’m booked, boo,” Astin said. “I know there was a season three idea and maybe a season four idea, but now we’re going to do a movie and maybe we’ll do another movie [after that].

“This one’s going to be Christmas-themed, and there might be a Valentine’s Day-themed [movie] after. And who knows, maybe we’ll get more seasons down the line? But right now, I’m just grateful that we get to do this movie. We’re filming it very soon.”

Reflecting on the shock news of the show’s cancellation, the actor added: “It really upset me because I feel like we let down the audience. They really came on a journey with us, and we were there for them in such a tough time during the pandemic.

“The show is very meta and cathartic in a way because it deals with grief and sickness and moving on. And I really wanted to move on with that show and audience through the post-pandemic world.”

Astin has just released his new single ‘When You’re Not There’, and received his breakout role opposite Rebel Wilson in Pitch Perfect – who the actor called “a real smart cookie.”

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