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'Seinfeld' and 'Get Out' star Richard Herd dies aged 87

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Seinfeld actor Richard Herd has died at the age of 87, his wife Patricia Crowder Herd has confirmed.

Herd played Mr. Wilhelm, George Constanza’s supervisor, in the hit sitcom Seinfeld, and most recently starred in Jordan Peele’s 2017 psychological horror Get Out as Roman Armitage.

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The actor starred in Seinfeld from 1995 until its series finale in 1998. His other TV credits include M*A*S*HThe OCDesperate HousewivesER and Star Trek.

On Twitter, Jordan Peele wrote in tribute: “RIP Richard Herd. A wonderful man and a true professional. We hadn’t talked much before he arrived on set for Get Out. I asked him to think of the scene as a viagra ad trying to hide deep rage. He responded “That sounds like all Viagra ads to me!” Then he absolutely nailed it.”


Messages also poured in from the likes of Jane Badler, his V co-star. “It was a great honour to work with the wonderful actor and beautiful man Richard Herd .. I was so blessed to have had him on the set of my first big mini Series V .. RIP Richard …” she wrote.

The Star Trek Online account also paid its respects, tweeting, “Rest in peace Richard Herd, who played Admiral Owen Paris in Star Trek: Voyager. Our thoughts are with your family.”

In other Seinfeld news, a new comedy special from Jerry Seinfeld was released on Netflix earlier this month. In a four-star review, NME said, “He’s still the same king of comedy he always was.”

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