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Secret Cinema to launch immersive film experience at home

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Secret Cinema are launching a new edition of their lauded immersive film experience this weekend – and you can watch along from home.

The London-based event, which hosts immersive viewing parties for some of the world’s most iconic films, has launched new ongoing event Secret Sofa, which kicks off this Friday (April 17).

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The new series is set to “bring a sense of play to your living room,” Secret Cinema CEO Max Alexander says in a statement, and the ongoing event, which runs every Friday for the next seven weeks, kicks off this week with Wes Anderson’s The Grand Budapest Hotel.

“We are going to transform your sofa into a time machine, a portal and a place of discovery and connection with the outside world,” Alexander adds. “Secret Cinema is the master of surprises, so watch this space for other new and exciting initiatives.”

In order to take part, fans need only sign up for Secret Sofa on their website and download that week’s film ready to watch at 7.30pm BST on the Friday night.

secret cinema
The Starcourt Mall at ‘Secret Cinema Presents Stranger Things’. Credit: Secret Cinema – Luke Dyson

The latest edition of Secret Cinema, which ran from late 2019 into early 2020, was based around Netflix sci-fi hit Stranger Things.

Reviewing the event, NME said: “This is yet another success story for Secret Cinema and perhaps their biggest and best project yet. Moulin Rouge set a marker, Blade Runner brought special effects, Casino Royale was the grandest of the series. Stranger Things, however, focuses on the little things.”

Dirty Dancing has been announced as the film for Secret Cinema’s next London event, though there’s no word yet on whether the series will be cancelled or postponed due to the ongoing coronavirus crisis.

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