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Watch the first clip from upcoming David Bowie biopic, 'Stardust'

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The first footage from the upcoming David Bowie biopic Stadust has been released – you can watch it below.

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Announced early last year, the film will follow Bowie (played by Johnny Flynn) on his first trip to the US in 1971; the visit that is said to have inspired the creation of his Ziggy Stardust alter-ego.

Today (April 15), the first glimpse of the movie was shared by Variety. In the video, we see Bowie air his doubts over his album to publicist Ron Oberman (Marc Maron).

“I think you’re gonna be the biggest goddamn star in America,” Oberman assures Bowie. “Seriously man, this is a great record.”

At the end of the clip, Maron’s character asks Bowie if he believes in himself. “‘Cause if you don’t, we’re really fucked.”

The first image of Flynn’s transformation into Bowie was shared last summer, with the shot showing the character sitting in a diner while smoking a cigarette.

Also set to appear in Stardust is The Hunger Games’ Jena Malone, who will play Bowie’s first wife, Angie. The film will be directed by Emmy winner Gabriel Range (Death Of A President), with Christopher Bell on scriptwriting duties.

Bowie’s family previously distanced themself entirely from the upcoming project. His son and Moon director Duncan Jones confirmed that Stardust is unauthorised and won’t feature any of his father’s music in it.

The movie was due to premiere at the Tribeca Festival Festival this week, before the event was postponed due to the coronavirus crisis. Stardust will now be given its first airing via a private online portal, and will arrive in cinemas later this year.

Meanwhile, an unreleased music video for David Bowie’s ‘Repetition 97’ has finally been shared online. The clip is compiled from clips of rehearsals for Bowie’s ‘Earthling Tour’, filmed by Tim Pope.

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