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Ryan Reynolds trolls fans with fake streaming service that features just one movie

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Ryan Reynolds has trolled fans by launching a fake streaming service that features just one movie.

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The 6 Underground and Deadpool actor took to Twitter on Wednesday (August 12) to share news of a new online movie hub he called Mint Mobile +.

“Every tech company needs a streaming service. So… introducing Mint Mobile +. The world’s most affordable streaming service!” he tweeted.

An ad featuring a montage from his 2003 film Foolproof accompanied the announcement, which was the only upload users could stream. “Binge over 80 minutes of Ryan Reynolds,” the fake commercial informed viewers.

Two minutes after posting the ad for his new streaming service, he tweeted: “Two minutes after launch and our crack data team has already determined Mint Mobile + should probably be shut down by the weekend. We’ll go back to focusing on premium wireless…”

Earlier this month, Ryan Reynolds said he and Blake Lively were “deeply and unreservedly sorry” for hosting their 2012 wedding at a former slave plantation in South Carolina.

Speaking in a new interview, the actor said that their “mistake” to have chosen Boone Hall without knowing its tainted history “is impossible to reconcile.”

In other news, Reynolds and Samuel L. Jackson have announced that they will be teaming up for an animated series called Futha Mucka.

The pair, who recently worked together on The Hitman’s Wife’s Bodyguard, a sequel to 2017 movie The Hitman’s Bodyguard, are re-teaming for the new cartoon series created and executive produced by Jim and Brian Kehoe (Blockers).

Meanwhile, Hugh Jackman has continued his fictitious beef with Ryan Reynolds by joking that the Deadpool actor has been left “devastated” over his recent Emmy nomination.

The pair have famously been locked in a faux feud, which is said to have originated from their time working together on 2009’s X-Men Origins: Wolverine.

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