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Martin Scorsese's 'Killers Of The Flower Moon' could be released on Netflix due to huge budget

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Martin Scorsese could be set to release his upcoming new movie Killers Of The Flower Moon through Netflix due to its enormous budget.

The streaming giant snapped up the director’s previous film The Irishman last year, as no other studio could afford the total figure required to produce it.

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According to the Wall Street Journal, the Killers… budget has already exceeded $200 million (£160m) – outstretching The Irishman‘s total cost by over $50 million (£40m). If accurate, this would make it Scorsese’s most expensive movie to date.

As a result, bosses at Paramount are reportedly uncertain over whether they can afford the entire sum.

The WSJ report goes on to claim that the studio is open to striking a deal in order to release the film in partnership with another platform. It’s said that Scorsese is also in talks regarding deals with Universal and MGM.

Adapted from David Grann’s true-crime thriller of the same name, Killers Of The Flower Moon details the killings against the Osage Indian tribe in Oklahoma back in the 1920s after large oil deposits were found beneath their land.

Paramount signed up to the adaptation after the rights to the original book brought a reported $5 million (£4m) in 2016.

Earlier this year, Martin Scorsese penned a heartfelt message to director Bong Joon-ho following the Oscar success of the latter’s film Parasite. Bong said. “I can’t tell you what the letter said because it’s something personal.”

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