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Dwayne Johnson pays tribute to Queen Elizabeth II

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Dwayne Johnson has paid tribute to Queen Elizabeth II following the news of the monarch’s death.

The Queen died aged 96 on Thursday (September 8) at her Balmoral estate in Scotland, bringing an end to her 70-year reign.

Following the news, Johnson shared a video recorded in the gym to pay tribute to the Queen’s “incredible life”.

“It has been one hell of a Thursday so far,” Johnson said. “Certainly for my family. From the moment we woke up this morning it’s been one of those days.

“But I’m just swooping in quickly… to send my love, my condolences, my light, strength and mana to the royal family during this time in the spirit of the passing of the Queen.

“I’m so sorry, I know the pain. Like we all know the pain. What a life. What an incredible life. I’ve never had the privilege or honour of meeting the Queen but, what a life.”

Johnson also reflected on the death of his father, Rocky Johnson, who passed away in January 2020, and the lesson he took from the grief.

“The way I look at death these days is that it informs us on how we should live moving forward because in their spirit we have an opportunity to live,” Johnson added. “And live life, and live greatly with passion and fervor and positive energy – and with all we’ve got.

“So I’m sending all the love and stay strong. Now let’s live as greatly as we can. What a life.”

Many figures across the entertainment world have paid tribute to the Queen, including Paul McCartney, Elton John and Harry Styles.

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