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'Bill & Ted' fans urged to record videos to appear in the new movie

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Bill & Ted Face the Music is giving fans the chance to appear in the new film, screenwriter Ed Solomon announced on Twitter.

The producers of the upcoming third film have opened a competition in which participants must record a video to a specific Bill & Ted demo track, inviting people to film “yourself, family, friends and even your pets rocking out.”

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Solomon explained the thought process and shared tips for the project with Collider. “When we announced the movie, we had so many people asking for ways they could be involved, and this notion came up quite early in the process,” he began.

“The instant it did, we were like, ‘Oh man this is exactly in the spirit of inclusiveness that embodies Bill & Ted,’ and we all jumped on it right away. Now that we’re almost finished with post-production we’re ready to do it.”

Party On with Bill & Ted invites fan to face their own type of music with a short video that could appear in the film.

“We want people to be themselves and have as much fun as they can and not to stress it,” Solomon said, “especially given that most of us are stuck at home or in some version of home.”

On how technical the videos have to be in terms of the music, Solomon said: “Even if you don’t know how to actually play the instruments, it’s highly unlikely we’ll be using sound from the submitted videos anyhow, so just fake it.

“Or heck – rock out on air guitar. Or play a mop and a trash can lid. Just plain dancing is fine, too. At the end of the day, it’s the spirit behind it that’s important.”

Bill & Ted Face the Music is due for release on August 21 – and the competition deadline is May 20.

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