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'Back To The Future II' fans share anger as edited version of film streams on Netflix

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Back To The Future fans have shared their disappointment after an edited version of the classic second film streamed on Netflix earlier this week.

The altered scene in question comes in 1989’s Back To The Future II, which sees Marty McFly looks at a cover of Oh La La magazine.

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Thinking he’s found a stolen sports almanac that he’s travelled back in time to collect, McFly instead stumbles upon the issue of the adult magazine.

The full film has since been restored to Netflix, but the altered version that was streaming previously sees the cover of the magazine edited out, seemingly to make the film a more family-friendly watch.

Noticing the amendment, fans have been sharing their anger on social media. “If [Netflix] sloppily edited this beloved trilogy, WHO KNOWS what OTHER films they’ve tampered with without you even noticing,” one wrote, sharing a clip of the edit in question.

Another said that Netflix have given “a fantastic example of why physical media is important” as opposed to streaming services.

“I can watch Back To The Future II in it’s original unedited form. And I thought Disney+ had a censoring problem. With the stuff #Netflix has in movies & kids shows, I wonder why they singled out one scene.”

Another tweeter said that “this censorship bullshit is why I still buy physical media,” while another angered customer said they “immediately canceled my subscription to you because of your fuck up here,” adding that they “hate censorship with a passion”.

The cast of Back To The Future reunited earlier this month for a lockdown special. Ahead of the film’s upcoming 35th anniversary, the series’ stars, including Christopher Lloyd (Doc Brown), Michael J.Fox and Lea Thompson (Lorraine Baines-McFlyjoined Frozen actor Josh Gad as part of his YouTube series Reunited Apart.

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