W. H. Lung announce new album, ‘Every Inch of Earth Pulsates’

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The Manchester band W. H. Lung have returned with a new single, ‘How To Walk’, in preparation for a new album, titled Every Inch of Earth Pulsates. The album will be their first studio LP since 2021’s Vanities and sees the five-piece team up with esteemed producer Ross Orton. 

W. H. Lung are ecstatic to have had the opportunity to work with Orton. The producer has previously produced music for the likes of Arctic Monkeys, MIA and Working Men’s Club and has been described by W. H. Lung vocalist Joseph Evans as the “Steve Albini of Sheffield.”

Besides the city’s rich musical history and an array of nurturing venues, Orton was one of the band’s main reasons for moving to Sheffield before recording Every Inch of Earth Pulsates. “He’s the king of not overthinking it and trusting the process of the art of recording songs,” Evans adds. “He was always there to stop us fucking around with cerebral stuff and get it down.”

Guitarist Tom Sharkett echoes Evans’ sentiments, lauding Orton’s pivotal influence on the new slice of synth-pop. “He was the exact producer we needed without us even realising,” Sharkett says. “His productions and mixes are bombastic, lively and in your face. He brought a real dose of magic to the songs we’d written.”

Following the successes of 2019’s Incidental Music and 2021’s Vanities, Every Inch of Earth Pulsates is a nuanced product of calculated anthems, danceable rhythms and colourful optimism. With Orton, the band has meticulously crafted each song to serve any degree of attention, whether you’re on the dancefloor or the sofa. “The big difference with this record is its directness in every sense,” says Sharkett.

The lead single, ‘How To Walk’, is representative of the album’s dance, indie and pop inclinations and promises greatness for upcoming live dates. “I can’t wait to play this live,” Evans says. “We wanted a song to represent our live set, a new big one, and this is it.”

Every Inch of Earth Pulsates is set to arrive on October 18th via Melodic. In support of the release, W. H. Lung will embark on a UK tour throughout November, starting on the 16th with a date at Manchester’s New Century Hall and closing on November 24th with a gig at the Hare & Hounds in Birmingham. “The reason I’m in a band is to play live music,” says Evans. “For me, music is live music. That’s what it’s for, to be played with people.”

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