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The new year is finally here full of new resolutions, projects and of course, music! We talked with Terry Golden about his plans and ambitions for the new year; here’s what he said. 

Hey, 2023 is here and we’d like to know what are your hopes for this year regarding your music career? 

2023 will be a new chapter, as I have changed my style and sound to be Progressive and Melodic Techno. So, I hope that this will mean new opportunities especially on the live front, but of course, also in relation to releases, for now, I will already be releasing my first track on a Black Hole Recordings imprint in February. 


What are your top 3 resolutions for this new year? 

Normally, I’m not the one who makes New Year’s resolutions, but in relation to music, I definitely have some clear goals:  

  • To succeed in coming to North and South America and playing my sound successfully. 
  • Release at least 2 collabs with well-known artists I respect and look up to. 
  • Continue the positive development of my radio show ART OF RAVE. 


Do you have any releases in the pipelines for the upcoming months? 

Yes, the first few months are already planned. January 20th, ‘Dreamer’ will be released on UFO Recordz and 13 February it will be ‘Get It Together’ on Black Hole Recordings. Then 2-3 more pieces that are in the planning phase. 


If you could pick any event, any stage, any place: where would you like to perform in 2023? 

It must be 2 that I choose, ULTRA MIAMI on the Resistance stage and the NeonGARDEN stage at EDC Las Vegas 


And following on from that, if the world was your oyster for selection, who would you like to collaborate with this new year? 

Definitely Camelphat, Afterlife and Cristoph. They are all my primary inspiration for my own music. 


Are there any new hobbies or activities you’d like to try in 2023? 

Not really, however I have just started a new kind of training to try something new. It looks promising and I hope I stick with it. 


Are there any new skills or new gear that you’d like to implement to your studio in 2023? 

I have had a wish for many years to learn to play the piano, as it will speed up my workflow a lot. Even though I have fantastic aids that actually make it easy, it takes me quite a long time, and the piano will be able to help with that, it’s also something I want to learn. 


From a production standpoint, what would you say is the number one area you would like/need to invest time into in order to develop your production level? 

It must be sound design, as I usually use presets and adapt them from there. And even though I have my go to presets, I could probably get better at being more persistent, which might mean better recognition of my music. 


Any new genres you’d like to explore next year? 

2023 is the year when I really launch my new sound, so I’m not going to change that, but I think I’ll play a bit with the commercial part and maybe a bit of Tech House. 


New sub-genres come and go into fashion every year, what are your predictions for 2023? 

I think this is the year when the Progressive sound and much more Melodic Techno takes over in many clubs. 


Besides yourself, which artists or labels should people follow this year? 

Camelphat keeps coming out with great music and so does Cristoph – so follow them if you don’t already. 


Make a prediction for 2023 about the world or music and we’ll try and catch you this time next year to see if it came true! 

It’s a tough one, but I think this might be the year we see the first robot artist, but deep down I hope it won’t be a success. The continued commercialization of the music industry, unfortunately, means that the music means less and less, so hopefully there will be more space to focus on the music. 


Do you have a message for your followers for new year? 

It is with great gratitude that I look back on the year that has passed, so I can only say thank you to everyone who has supported me in 2022, I will do my best to create new cool music for you in 2023!

Terry Golden Online:  

Soundcloud | Instagram | Spotify 


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