Peter Flaherty’s Like A Dog, Baby Is Full Of Live Acoustic Performances

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Indie-Folk singer-songwriter, Peter Flaherty, shares his sophomore album Like A Dog, Baby. The 15-track record delivers a powerful setlist that includes songs like “Horses and Tidal Waves,” “Give It Up,” “Country,” “Circles,” “Validated,” “Only Sun,” and “Ocean Blue.”

Produced and engineered by Steven Clark, Like A Dog, Baby brings out the best in Peter Flaherty, helping him showcase his musicality, lyricism, and alluring vocals. “All of the tracks are live acoustic performances with just me and my guitar (except That Psycho Interlude),” says the up-and-comer. 

Working closely with Clark, Peter Flaherty has built “some of the tracks with a variety of supporting instruments and back up vocals.” He also admits to being old-fashioned when it comes to arranging the tracklist, “ I spent a lot of time on the order of the tracks. I feel like a dinosaur spending time and focusing on things like that in the age of TikTok and social media, but someone’s gotta resist! I’ve always loved listening to albums from start to finish and I don’t see that ever changing… for me at least.”

Flaherty dreams of collaborating with producers like Sturgill Simpson, Jack Johnson, and Dan Auerback and expresses great love and respect for Clark as well, revealing, “he was initially going to be just my engineer for my first project. Aside from a few guitar riffs, like in ‘Aww Yeah’ and ‘Ocean Blue’, Steven has been the mastermind in bringing these live tracks to another level. I’d have an idea and sort of put the ball in his court and chime in every once in a while. It’s been working pretty darn well.”

Playing around with different genres and styles, Peter Flaherty tells the most authentic stories that resonate with the public. Like A Dog Baby is a standout album because it’s an embodiment of his inner thoughts and feelings.

Listen to Like A Dog, Baby here:

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