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2023 is just a few days away and what better way to farewell 2022 than with a mix of the favorite tracks of the year. Jacob Colon shares his Top 10 tracks of 2022 to end the year with a bang! 

1. Jacob Colon – Don’t Blame 

 This is one of my favorite tracks that I produced this year. I blended about 3 different genres in this track and came out with something really dope and new. 

2. MOTi – Vazilando (Extended Mix) 

I like the live feel of this track. The choir section that comes in on the hook is really nice and gives the track an old school Latin vibe.  


3. Antho Decks – Verdad (Extended Mix) 

The drums on this track are laid out very well. I like the Afro-Latin feel and the ‘bigness’ of the drums. This song is a bit similar to the previous song I mentioned and carries the same live Latin vocal feel.  


4. TECH IT DEEP – Maria Maria (Extended Mix) 

The vocal sample used on this track is a classic. I like the clubby spin they put on this remix.  


5. J Balvin – Negro (Wayne Madiedo Remix) 

Here’s another track utilizing a popular vocal, sang by J Balvin. This track has a nice spin on it and like the previous one has a nice clubby feel that I really like.   


6. Feid, GORDO (US) – Hombres y Mujeres (Extended Mix) 

I’ve spun this track on my radio show a couple times. I really like the blend of Reggaeton and Tech House. It’s a new sound that I’m sure we will hear a lot more of next year.  


7. Jacob Colon – Protagonista 

Here’s a track I did earlier in the year, where I blended a Reggaeton vocal with some Afro-Latin House type of drums. It’s a new sound that I began experimenting with, which I see a lot of artists doing now but with Tech and Minimal House.  


8. Dave Pedrini – Anima Tole 

My favorite sound in this whole track is actually the clap. The low pitch of the clap sounds moody which quickly caught my attention. The clap gels nice with the rhythm of the track and creates a nice Funky drive with the bass. 

9. Gary Caos – Milk Shake 

Here’s another track sampling a 2000s Hip-Hop RnB sample. This has been the wave for a lot of producers this year.  


10. CID, Will K – OoooH 

Again, another track on the sampling wave. This is very popular at the moment. I actually like the original a lot, which drew me to listen to how this one was flipped into a House track. They did a great job with this remix.   

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