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Netflix announces new 'Don't Look Up' behind the scenes podcast

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A new podcast going behind the scenes of Netflix‘s comic disaster movie Don’t Look Up is set to debut next week.

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The Last Movie Ever Made is a six-episode series that will debut its first instalment on January 7 and take viewers inside Adam McKay’s new movie and feature appearances from its star-studded cast, including Timothée Chalamet, Jennifer Lawrence, Leonardo DiCaprio, Meryl Streep and Ariana Grande.

A synopsis for the podcast reads: “In early 2020, Adam McKay set out to make a comedy,” reads the podcast’s logline. “It was meant to make fun of, and point to, the forces stopping us from saving ourselves from climate change. 2020, of course, had other plans.

“This is what happened when a cast and crew came together to make a disaster comedy, while living through a series of very uncomedic disasters.”

In a four-star review of the film, NME wrote: “McKay’s political satire isn’t always subtle – one scene shows Streep’s leader whipping up a rally in a MAGA-style baseball cap – but it does feel horribly convincing.

“Though Don’t Look Up loses some momentum towards the end of its 138-minute runtime, it still succeeds as both a raucous comedy and a grim cautionary tale. By the end, McKay has definitely driven home his message that Earth is ours for the saving.”

Earlier this month, Bon Iver shared a brand new song from the Don’t Look Up soundtrack. ‘Second Nature’ was written by composer Nicholas Britell, the artist behind the classic Succession theme tune, who also produced the song with Bon Iver frontman Justin Vernon.

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