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'Black Panther' fans call on Marvel to recast the film's lead character T'Challa

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Black Panther fans are calling on Marvel to recast the film’s lead character T’Challa.

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It comes just days after Chadwick Boseman’s brother recently said that he thinks the late actor would want his Black Panther role to be filled by someone else.

Now, following a petition to recast T’Challa earlier this year, which has already amassed more than 47,000 signatures, fans have gone one step further and taken to social media to implore Marvel to continue Boseman’s legacy by giving another Black actor the chance to play T’Challa.

“The Legacy of T’Challa as the Black Panther shouldn’t end with Chadwick, it should start with him. Continue what he started,” one wrote.

Another added: “It’s sad that Marvel would consider killing off T’Challa after Chadwick Boseman worked through cancer to bring him to the MCU. And it’s disrespectful to Chadwick’s family who confirmed that he would’ve wanted the role recast rather than cancelled.”

One fan also suggested that Tenet star John David Washington or Moonlight actor Trevante Rhodes would be ideal replacements.

“If they do happen to #RecastTChalla which they mostly likely will and eventually should, these are perfect actors, John David Washington and Trevante Rhodes, who should be considered for the role,” they wrote.

Earlier this month, Derrick Boseman told TMZ that he believes Chadwick would want his character, T’Challa, to live on in the MCU – despite Marvel bosses saying they didn’t want to recast him out of respect.

Boseman said that T’Challa “was bigger than one guy” and that Chadwick “knew the power of the character”.

Last month Marvel’s VP of Development dispelled rumours that T’Challa would be recast.

“I’m being quite honest,” Nate Moore said on The Ringer-verse Podcast. “You will not see T’Challa in the MCU.”

Moore went on to say that he had discussed potential decisions with Black Panther: Wakanda Forever director Ryan Coogler, but the pair had decided they “couldn’t do it”.

“We have to figure out how to move this franchise on without that character,” he went on. “Because I think we all feel so much of T’Challa in the MCU on the screen…is tied to Chadwick’s performance.

“The challenge for Black Panther: Wakanda Forever is telling a story without T’Challa.”

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