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The new year is finally here full of new resolutions, projects and of course, music! We talked with Cyazon about his plans and ambitions for the new year; here’s what he said. 


Hey, 2023 is here and wed like to know what are your hopes for this year regarding your music career? 

Mainly, the three biggest hopes are to start playing more shows, start earning sustainable consistent income from music, and get label releases for my unreleased music.  


What are your top 3 resolutions for this new year? 

Sustainable income from music, a better social life, and shows/label releases with my artist career. I have a few other resolutions too, that are more personal. 


Do you have any releases in the pipelines for the upcoming months? 

I have one release ready for January. For my unreleased music, I will be pitching to labels in January so there may be more music ready to be released in the upcoming months. 


If you could pick any event, any stage, any place: where would you like to perform in 2023? 

I’m open to any of the venues in LA such as Exchange LA, the Hollywood Palladium, or anywhere else. 


And following on from that, if the world was your oyster for selection, who would you like to collaborate with this new year? 

Ideally, it would be great to collaborate with Nero. If not them, then I would be open to collaborating with anyone on Ophelia Records or Xilent, eventually.  


Are there any new hobbies or activities youd like to try in 2023? 

I’m still trying to figure that out, but more social activities to meet new people and spiritual activities like meditation. Other than that, I’m still exploring other hobbies/activities I may be interested in. 


Are there any new skills or new gear that youd like to implement to your studio in 2023? 

For new skills, I would like to improve my sound design and songwriting. I also want to improve my sound and make it more cohesive and tell a story across many genres. 


From a production standpoint, what would you say is the number one area you would like/need to invest time into in order to develop your production level? 

I would say two major areas like I have mentioned before I would like to invest more time into are sound design and songwriting. I feel that a great example is that Nero’s second album was really diverse across many genres, but they have a cohesive sound. So that is my goal with making music this year. 


Any new genres youd like to explore next year? 

House music, Trance with Techno, and my usual genres with an improved sound. 


New sub-genres come and go into fashion every year, what are your predictions for 2023?  

I’m not entirely sure what will happen in 2023, since I only keep track of the artists I like for the most part. Maybe it’s a sign that I need to explore music more often.  


Besides yourself, which artists or labels should people follow this year?  

For labels, Ophelia Records and Monstercat will probably have great music coming out this upcoming year. For artists, I know that Au5 has a lot of music he will probably be releasing this upcoming year. Nero has an upcoming album at some point so, maybe something will happen with that this year too. Tokyo Machine is another one too. 

Make a prediction for 2023 about the world or music and well try and catch you this time next year to see if it came true! 

I will make a prediction for my music career since that may be easier! I will start playing shows and headline at least 1 show in 2023.  


Do you have a message for your followers for new year? 

Thank you for following my artist journey and continuing to support me. Looking forward to showing the new music I have planned for 2023. 


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