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The talented Singer-Songwriter Martay unveils her latest track, ‘ILY I Do’; fresh from the release of her recent singles, a remix of her track ‘Long Way Home’ and the original ‘Miss You’, Martay delivers her unique signature sound in this uplifting new production. Characterised by her captivating blend of elements from the R&B and Soul genres with the modern beats of Electronic Dance music, Martay’s powerful productions connect with listeners and translate meaning through her soulful vocals. With over 10 years of performing and experimenting with music under her belt, Martay showcases a developed sonic identity that is the mark of an experienced artist. Having shared the stage with heavy-weight names like Snoop Dogg, among others, this Singer-Songwriter has an indisputable talent that deserves the attention she’s getting.  

A dreamy arpeggiated pad opens the track as Martay’s hypnotising vocals enter the mix with a catchy hook; soon, a thumping beat and powerful bassline begin to build the groove of the track, as panned backing vocals add layers of colour. The synth riser and rhythmically intensifying sonic elements raise the energy through the breakdown into the drop where filtered, staggering synth layers and a hard-hitting, energetic low-end balance against Martay’s emotive vocals. With a euphoric and infectious vibe, ‘ILY I Do’ is an unmissable listening experience that marks this Singer-Songwriter as an innovative artist in the Electronic Dance music scene. 

This new release from Martay proves that her skills and vision as a creative innovator are to be closely followed, as she continues to experiment with her sound. Martay’s passion and commitment to creating moving productions shines through in the inspiring nature of her music; poised to reach new milestones, this Singer-Songwriter shows no signs of slowing down, so make sure to follow Martay across social media to be updated on her new releases and upcoming projects. ‘ILY I Do’ is out now and is available in all major online stores and streaming platforms. 

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