Maddy Allen Heals Her Heart And Soul With New Single “Flowers”

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American singer-songwriter Maddy Allen is releasing her new single, “Flowers,” a beautiful song that blends indie-pop influences with her astonishing vocals for a heavenly sonic result. The young emerging artist has recently released her debut album Welcome To the Cage, a highly noticed collection of songs that put her name on the map with discreet elegance. “Flowers” is the kind of song that you can listen to on repeat for days and not get bored, as it contains a multitude of layers, interpretations, and metaphors, unique to most indie-pop catalogues. Maddy Allen started her healing process a while ago, after going through various struggles and addictions, and music has helped her overcome all her demons, or at least most of them. 

While listening to “Flowers,” we feel extremely close to the singer-songwriter’s message and purpose, relating on our individual level to her personal development process, as we expect her to be more and more present in the indie-scene this year, and we can’t wait for her to unveil new music for the immense pleasure of our ears. 

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