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With everyone sequestered and self-quarantining due to the coronavirus, we’ve asked our favorite artists to come up with playlists that keep you entertained. Here’s emerging singer KAMAUU: 

What’s up y’all, my name is KAMAUU and I like to breathe and not take breathing for granted. Breath is a powerful privilege and many people every day lose it. It’s important that we always take moments to appreciate our life and breath, the lives and breath of others in our community and that of the people we love.

Here is a playlist I made of songs that remind me to breathe and inspire me to keep productive.

Stay healthy family!

Salaam Remi – “You’re My Angel – instrumental”
This is great for waking up and breathinggg. I like the instrumental because, besides the fact that it’s gorgeous, it has no words and so it’s easy to fill that space with giving thanks to the creator, universe and ancestors. We’re awake now, many people don’t wake up, so we start the day with gratitude. GOOD WAKING! Yet another opportunity to interact with and through one of the most beautiful, consistent, loving, holy and necessary aspects of our existence…obstacles. Great and amazing song by the phenomenal Salaam Remi, Love you brotha Salaam Remi.

India.Arie – “Intro” 
No such thing as too much gratitude. Love you sista India.Arie. More breathing, more gratitude to the creator, universe, planet and ancestors. We just sit still to this.

Bryant Taylorr – “Song to Song”
Now we’re out of the bed, but still yawning, and breathingggg. This is very ethereal calm energy and knocks at the same time. We can get some stretches into this. Plus the artist is a cool brotha! Love you brotha Bryant Taylorr.

Jordan Ward – “Okok”
Another super dope morning song. Love you brotha Jordan Ward. We got our stretches in and we’re breathing, but it’s lethal, our breath is stink stanky danky. This is that charismatically walk with a limp and occasional spin moves to the bathroom and brush them teeth, tongue, gums, floss and gargle type of track.

Mr Eazi, Mo T – “Property”
Smooth morning track you can casually hit a subtle Harlem shake to. Love you brothas Mr Eazi & Mo T. We’re breathing, we can crank out some morning push-ups, sit ups, lunges, toe raises, etc to this.

Little Dragon – “Pretty Girls”
More smoothness to balance the roughness that life can bring. Love you family Little Dragon. Now we’re up breathinggg and going. Now we hitting the burpees and jumping jacks, mountain climbers, soulfully two-steppin and gathering materials from the fridge for a smoothie…all at the same dayumnnn time!

Khalid – “Up All Night”
This song has a nice encouraging energy. Feels like a pep talk. Thank you, love you brotha Khalid. Great time to make a smoothie now and sit go sit on the stoop, porch, roof, balcony or roll down a window and look at the sky….great time for more gratitude and breathingggg.

Mario – “Let Me Love You”
This song is one of the first songs, if not the first, that I heard that made me want to be a singer. Veryyy important song to me. Love you brotha Mario. Cheers to love and breath. Now that we’re outside looking at the sky, we can imagine ourselves looking down at where we are from a plane, flying somewhere that we’ve always wanted to go…to do a JOB…THAT WE LOVE…and MAKE SHMONEYYYYY…DOING SOMETHING FULFILLING and CONSTRUCTIVE….yebo.

Bob Marley & the Wailers, Ms. Lauryn Hill – “Turn Your Lights Down Low”
One of the most beautiful and timeless songs ever created to me. Love you Baba Bob Marley & Mama Ms. Lauryn Hill. (breatheee) Now let’s get back inside and do some cleaning! Great song to clean to! (that’s right…I’m putting you suckas to work!!!! GET YA LIFE)

Stevie Wonder – “Overjoyed”
What’s better to clean to than a GREAT that’s got one of the CLEANEST STREAKS OF TIMELESS HITS OF ALL TIMEEEE! Love you Baba Professor Stevie Wonder! Now we’re breathing, sweeping, smiling, thanking the creator for our presence, dancing with the broom as if it were a gorgeous human being, washing dishes, doing laundry, looking out the window, dusting, organizing, smiling, etc!

2Pac, Talent – “Changes”
Cheers to one of the first musicians that inspired me to rap. Love you brotha 2Pac. We’re still cleaning, but now we’re shifting more to organizing. Let’s get out here and have some productive days. Love y’all. Breathe.

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