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With everyone sequestered and self-quarantining due to the coronavirus, we’ve asked our favorite artists to come up with playlists that keep you entertained. Here’s singer-songwriter/producer A. CHAL:

Lately, I’ve been feeling a bit of melancholy, sweet highs and calm comedowns. Sometimes the sky is blue, sometimes it’s grey and sometimes I make it purple- it can feel dangerous, but also sexy. I feel like I’m on a trip that may never end. Can’t tell what’s real and what’s not and right now, there’s no cure for me.

A.CHAL – “Hollywood Love” ft. Gunna
Hollywood Love is the soundtrack to a lot of people’s love life out here in L.A. This is that 5 am ride back to the crib from her house vibe. This is one of my fav Gunna verses of all time.

Kurt Cobain – “And I Love Her”
First time I heard this song was when I watched Kurt’s documentary Montage of Heck. It instantly became a favorite because its lyrics hit you right in the soul. Kurt was more than a musician. He was a true poet and vessel for something much bigger than him. Love to Kurt.

RVSSIAN feat. Lil Tjay & Lil Mosey – “Only The Team”
I’m from N.Y. and so is Lil Tjay. He’s bringing that new energy right now. Rvssian is the homie, we’ve worked together in the past. First thing I thought when I heard the track was “damn why didn’t he send me this?” This slaps.

Gunna – “Big Shot”
Gunna’s “Drip or Drown” was easily my favorite project last year. It always puts me in the right mood. Gemini energy. Balling like a big shot!!!

The Weeknd – “Save Your Tears”
This song was my favorite from Weekend’s new album. It gives me “LA After-Hours” vibes. I imagine a bad Euro girl sitting on my lap while I light something up. Sexy. Shout out to Abel even though he ain’t respond to my last text.

The Chromatics – “In The City”
This is big Paris vibes right here. Designer silk, designer drugs, and foreign women. I want to put a leather jacket on and two-step all night when I hear this.

Kanye West – “Addiction”
This is low-key my favorite Kanye West song. I became a true fan when I heard this. This is when I knew he was much more than just a rapper. Shout out the greatest artist of all time.

Anuel AA – “Keii”
Anuel AA is one of my favorite artists right now. This song is fire, it’s reggaeton but still moody and fits the vibe. I hope to collaborate with him soon. Duro.

Rosalia – “Dolerme”
Rosalia is one of a kind. Never heard her on alty guitars like this; nice surprise but then again I’d be surprised if I wasn’t surprised. I wanna know who she’s talking about.

Dope Lemon – “Coyote”
Dope Lemon is a band everyone should know about. This is that “let’s take a long drive to the desert” music. Tell her “take your shoes off and throw ‘em on the dashboard.” Chocolate shrooms in the system and this song playing. Thank me later.

Marvin Gaye – “Want You”
OK it’s time to get sexy. It’s time to polish up those shoes, splash that fragrance on, unbutton that shirt and poke your chest out. Make sure you take your time, too, because this life is fast. RIP Marvin.

Diana Ross – “Love Hangover”
This song right here is for all my beautiful women. It sounds like the perfect high, luring you in slowly, and then suddenly picking up. “If there’s a cure for this I don’t want it.” Who can relate? I mean it feels good why change it right?

The Cure – “Just Like Heaven”
OK let’s get back to the emo vibes but let’s stay on the dance floor. The Cure is one of my favorite bands of all time. I love how they hit that sweet spot between happy and sad each time. This is a great song to end a party with by the way, and in this case also a great playlist.

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