Lana Del Rey teases new album ‘Lasso’ with Quavo collaboration ‘Tough’

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After teasing the track for some time, Lana Del Rey and Migos rapper Quavo have finally released their collaboration, ‘Tough’, which seemingly acts as be the first taste of the new album from the cinematic singer. 

While Del Rey had previously announced that her next album would be a country effort called Lasso, ‘Tough’ sees a return to her hip-hop side. Similar to previous collaborations in her canon with A$AP Rocky, The Weeknd or any of the beat-heavy tracks on her breakthrough album Born To Die, ‘Tough’ finds her old-school, angelic vocals weaving in and out of rap verses and a solid rhythm. 

However, the bluesy guitar strums that regularly cut through the track, along with Del Rey’s typical Americana lyricism, seem to be the introduction of her own take on country. Building her own Cowboy-coloured world, ‘Tough’ certainly exists in the same romanticised and cinematic universe as the rest of her work, giving a first taste of what Lasso might sound like.

The track has been hinted at for a while now by Del Rey before she finally announced the release on her mailing list the day before it landed on streaming sites on July 3rd. Quavo, the former member of Migos, had appeared on stage for Del Rey’s set at Fenway Park on June 20th. As the show was almost cancelled due to extremely bad weather conditions, Del Rey not only took to the stage but offered her fans the first taste of this new track as Quavo joined her for the live debut of ‘Tough’. 

The rapper wasn’t the only surprise guest at that show as Del Rey also sang with Stephen Sanchez, a crooning singer who shot to fame with the TikTok viral track ‘Until I Found You’. She was also joined by Mason Ramsey, the country singer first known for a viral clip of him yodelling in Walmart. As this collaboration with Quavo now enters the world, perhaps these other performances are clues for future tracks on her forthcoming album.

Talking about the song on social media, Del Rey wrote, “Our new song is out with the toughest rapper I know.” As she promoted the release, she added, “Love everyone who helped make this happen.”

Since she announced plans for Lasso, there have been no more updates or clues as to when her tenth album might arrive beyond a loose prediction that it may land in late summer of 2024. Del Rey has been testing the country waters for some time now as she released a cover of ‘Take Me Home, Country Roads’, and was filmed singing a cover of ‘Stand By Your Man’ last year. Tackling both of the country classics with her signature vintage vocals, there’s no doubt that she can pull it off.

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