Hugh Grant playing Tony the Tiger in new Jerry Seinfeld movie ‘Unfrosted’

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It has been announced that comedian Jerry Seinfeld will direct, produce and star in a Netflix movie about Pop-Tarts. It will also feature Hugh Grant, who will play a surprising role.

The new film is called Unfrosted: The Pop-Tart Story, and is set in Michigan in 1963. It follows perennial rivals of the cereal world, Kellogg’s and Post, as they race to create a pastry that will change the breakfast market. Netflix describes it as “a tale of ambition, betrayal, sugar, and menacing milkmen”.

The upcoming flick features an all-star cast, and alongside Seinfeld, who plays a boss at Kellogg’s, the likes of Dan Levy, James Marsden, Melissa McCarthy, Amy Schumer and Christian Slater also appear.

Hugh Grant has had a resurgence as of late with an array of against-type parts eschewing his traditional rom-com roles, including starring as an Oompa-Loompa in Wonka and as the con artist Forge Fitzwilliam in Dungeons and Dragons: Honour Among Thieves. In Unfrosted, he will play a down-and-out Shakespearean actor who plays Tony the Tiger, the Frosties’ mascot. 

In a new interview with Empire, Seinfeld reflected on working with Grant, and called it his highlight of the entire process. “That was the greatest part of the whole thing, honestly,” the comedian explained. “Because I am a crazy fan of his.”

Grant filmed an audition tape for Unfrosted, which he sent to its creator, something he hadn’t done for 30 years. “[Hugh] asked me if it matters that Tony the Tiger has a British accent,” recalled Seinfeld. “I told him, ‘No, who cares?’”

“Everybody I asked said ‘yes’, so we ended up with this crazy cast,” Seinfeld added.

Notably, Seinfeld has a longstanding connection to Pop-Tarts, and one of his best-known stand-up jokes is about the invention of the snack and how he loved them as a child.

Watch a clip of Jerry Seinfeld’s Pop Tart joke below.

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