Dream Wife share t.A.T.u. cover in celebration of International Women’s Day

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In honour of International Women’s Day, Dream Wife have released a cover of t.A.T.u.’s ‘All The Things She Said’, which was recorded during the European leg of their Social Lubrication tour.

Discussing the song, the band said: “The legacy of ‘All The Things She Said’ is a total paradox – being both one of the most high profile examples of queer-baiting in pop culture and also one of the only positive depictions of same sex attraction us and our peers came across as youngsters. That and… it’s also an undeniable bop and every time we play it live it absolutely pops off!”

Dream Wife recorded their rendition of the song in a studio located on the outskirts of Prague. That night, they delivered their first live show in the capital, unsure of what to expect. “We were thrilled to play to a room full of the most stylish lesbians, and lesbian-adjacent people, we have ever seen,” the band explained.”

They added: “It felt cathartic, redemptive and very sexually charged to play this track live for such a receptive audience – as queer people, for queer people.”

Dream Wife released their album, Social Lubrication, last summer. In a three-and-a-half star review, Far Out said: “For all of the riot grrl acts that have come before, this album possesses a certain amount of fun that’s sorely missing from the genre today. Even though more than a few songs have a signature bite to them, just as many are interested in leaving the political hangups at the door and writing songs about having a good time.”

The review continued: “Though this is an album of many different faces, it never stops being engaging from back to front. Even with the great songs that have come from it, Dream Wife seem to be on the road to something much bigger in the future. There’s a band ready to explode hidden somewhere in here, but only time will tell when the potential goes from modest success to supernova.”

Listen to their cover of ‘All The Things She Said’ below.

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