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TFMOM Devotes His Existence To God With Two New Releases “Not November” and “System Obsolete Agape Sub”

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DJ, producer, and Christian rapper John Hairston better known by his stage name TFMOM just released his latest projects, two singles titled “Not November” and “System Obsolete Agape Sub”. His vibrant energy and “don’t look back” attitude keeps these EDM/Dubstep gems sounding fresh and forward-thinking.
Deriving his inspiration from the universal energy creates tracks that are still unfolding their layers even after multiple listens.
With “Not November” and “System Obsolete Agape Sub” TFMOM delivered one of his finest records by choosing to fragment his creative flow, his Christian roots, and explore dark ambient territories.

The results are beautiful – excursion among the snippets, a harmonic and gorgeous set of singles that all peg on a spiritual and exploitative nature.

Follow TFMOM on IG and make sure to listen to these powerful tracks below:

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