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Casual T – Still Thinking of You

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Travis Drews is shaping up to be an impressive act to watch in 2021. From psychedelic bass to hip hop, and electro-pop the Austin-based DJ/producer is a testament to versatility. Following his first two singles of 2021 “Transcendence” and “Requiem for The Real,” Drews AKA Casual T is back with his freshest offering to date. “Still Thinking of You” is easily likened to the sounds of ODESZA and Jai Wolf, yet every Casual T original is unique to his signature sound. Equipped with a rich bassline, house cadences, and glistening synth work, “Still Thinking of You” is a balanced blend of dance music’s best subgenres. One part ethereal and one part bangin,’ Casual T succeeds in his ability to play with the multiverse of music. A chill-inducing track, “Still Thinking of You” may include symptoms of extreme euphoria. As the pandemic comes to end, we hope to see Casual T taking up stage space in the near future.

“We have all been there.  It’s a song about heartbreak.  I did my best to capture a feeling of longing in the simple drop melody and sad counter melody. I put a child’s laughter sound right before the second drop in order to show how crazy one can feel after a bad breakup. Loving someone can make you question your sanity sometimes.” – Casual T

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