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Behind the Scenes: Unveiling the Creative Process at What You Want Productions

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In a world that thrives on spectacle and storytelling, the artistry behind event production can turn a simple gathering into an otherworldly experience. Behind each unforgettable moment, there’s a meticulous, multi-layered process that merges innovation, creativity, and strategic execution.


In the vast realm of event production, the Los Angeles-based What You Want Productions has recently emerged as a dynamic powerhouse. This company has mastered the art of curating extraordinary events that linger in the audience’s memories, a beautiful symphony of meticulous execution and unbridled imagination.


At the helm of this creative tour de force are the founders Kym Wollner and Brandon Wollner.  With years of diverse experience under their belts,  they weave together unique skill sets to elevate each project. 


“Every client has a story to tell, and our role is to help them articulate that story in the most engaging, visually stunning way possible,” Kym says.


The creative process at What You Want Productions begins with concept development—an immersive exploration of the client’s vision. Brainstorming sessions unfold, resembling creative battlegrounds where ideas are proposed, examined, and refined. 

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As Brandon explains, “The client’s voice is something like a guiding light. They inspire us, and we strive to breathe life into their unique vision.”


As the concept evolves into a concrete plan, the team’s expertise in content creation takes center stage. The transformation demands meticulous planning, expert logistics, and innovative technology. Their skill in content creation shines through each step, from drafting scripts and editing videos to designing eye-catching graphics and creating an immersive audiovisual journey. 


“The magic isn’t just about what you see on stage,” Kym says. “It’s about what’s behind it – the technology, the hard work, and our team’s dedication to each event.”


Integral to What You Want Productions’ methodology is ensuring the final event resonates with the client’s vision is crucial. This step involves rigorous refining—much like polishing a diamond until it gleams flawlessly.

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“Our job isn’t complete until the client sees their dream actualized,” Brandon reiterates, “Their satisfaction is what truly drives our success.”


Another key component of the company’s business model is the collaborative process. What You Want Productions often engages a network of professionals, from videographers and decorators to photographers, to ensure a harmonious fusion of creativity.


“Our collaborative approach amplifies our ability to make each event unique and unforgettable,” Kym shares. “We thrive on the blend of perspectives and talents, making sure to maintain an atmosphere of mutual respect and create a breathtaking spectacle in the process.”


Without a doubt, through every stage of the creative process, What You Want Productions embodies the essence of its name. They strive to deliver what people want, and the end product—be it a corporate event, a wedding, or a concert—is invariably an awe-inspiring masterpiece of careful planning, creative execution, and client satisfaction.


For those looking to translate dreams into reality, the message is clear: What You Want Productions doesn’t just create events—they create unforgettable experiences.

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So, when the stage lights dim and the applause begins, people rest assured that their vision is brought to life exactly as they imagined—perhaps, even better.

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