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'Westworld' star Vincent Cassel says Marvel and DC movies are for "kids"

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Westworld star Vincent Cassel has branded Marvel and DC films as for “kids”.

It follows a long-running saga last year over the studios’ movies, sparked by Martin Scorsese’s comments, when he likened Marvel films to a “theme park”.

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Speaking with Inverse in a new interview, Cassel said: “Honestly, these are not movie movies I watch anymore. When they came up with the technology and the fact that suddenly Iron Man or Spider-Man could look real and not tacky in the special effects, I was interested. Then, it became normal.”
He continued: “I was a big fan of the comics at the time when I was a kid. Nowadays, I think these are movies for kids, really. And even though I still have a part of me who’s a kid, I would say no. I wouldn’t watch it.”

Marvel Studios. CREDIT: Paras Griffin/Getty Images

Adding what he would want to see from superhero movies now, Cassel added: “Maybe if you had a great villain and it’s done with by somebody who’s really intelligent and talented enough to give it a twist so it doesn’t look like a movie for kids, then maybe I would do it.
“But otherwise, no. The few approaches that I had, I felt like it would have been a long time commitment for something that I wouldn’t even watch to the end.”

Westworld‘s third season aired back in March, with NME saying that it “makes a bid for TV’s absent throne”.

“For the most part, Westworld season three is a fun, engaging thrill ride across a rich dystopian landscape that should bring some former fans back into the fold. With Game Of Thrones finally over, and many of us heading into coronavirus-induced isolation periods, HBO may have just transformed its most expensive show into a ratings magnet.”

Here’s everything we know so far about season four of Westworld.

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