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Vic Reeves reveals he has a benign brain tumour

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Comedian Vic Reeves has revealed that he has an inoperable but non-cancerous brain tumour, which has left him completely deaf in one ear.

Speaking on The Adam Buxton Podcast, Reeves revealed that he has a vestibular schwannoma, a type of non-cancerous brain tumour that can also be known as an acoustic neuroma.

In the interview, Reeves said the tumour is the size of a grape, and though currently “completely benign,” needs to be monitored via regular MRI scans.

“I’ve got a vestibular schwannoma – it’s a tumour in my head,” he told Buxton. “I’ve gone completely deaf, 100 per cent deaf, in the left ear, and it will never come back. It’s dead – absolutely completely gone.”

“It’s benign,” he added. “They can’t remove it – they can shrink it or they can leave it and keep an eye on it, and that’s what they’re doing.

Speaking of his subsequent hearing loss, Reeves added: “Because I like going out bird watching I never know where the birds are because I can hear them, but I don’t know what direction they’re in.”

“If an aeroplane flies over or a car approaches, I don’t know where it is.”

Elsewhere, earlier this week Reeves’ comic partner Bob Mortimer confirmed that filming the pair’s forthcoming comedy about Michael Jackson‘s glove will go ahead next year.

The film entitled The Glove, received financial backing three years ago with director Tim Kirkby, who has previously worked on Fleabag, at the helm. But production on the movie is yet to go ahead.

“We’re filming it in March,” Mortimer said. “He [Jackson] had a training glove and few people knew of it but it was what gave him his special powers to entrance the globe and a collector’s got it and we’re hoping to have a big star in it.”

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